Rental FAQ’s

Do I need a generator If you are in a camp with no hookups a power source will be required.

Generator only, enough power to run the entire unit including your household plugs, air conditioner, microwave and it will also charge your batteries.  The downside here is that you will listen to the generator run and have to fill the gas tank occasionally.  We use a general rule of thumb of 1 gallon per hour of run time.  We typically provide the generators full and a 5 gallon gas can with fuel.  Any fuel used out of the backup gas can must be replaced or will be charged against security deposit at an upcharge.


What does the unit come stocked with?  We provide the unit with cups, plates, bowls, silverware, a roll of paper towels, a pots pans and linens for one main bed and the other beds  all hoses and cords for power hookups.  cookware, and coffee makers, are  included in the unit.  

Does the rental include propane?  All of our rentals include 10 gallons of propane. Typically this is plenty for most rentals under 5 nights.  Renters are responsible additional propane necessary during their stay over the initial provided amount.  There is no charge for any propane used in the unit it is included in your stay.  Refrigerators, water heaters, stove, oven, and furnace all run on propane.  Your use will vary depending on items used and duration.  An extra propane bottle is recommended for longer stays and higher amounts of use of the above appliances.

Do your units have awnings and shade?  Yes all of our units have awnings. We do not recommend their use at Burning man  Burning man is not an ideal location for their use due to high winds. Renters are responsible for any damage that may occur during their stay we recommend that you make sure the awning is in the retracted position when at all times. And do not use it.

what do I do about waste water?  All of our units have holding tanks of varying sizes. Typically with some basic management and light use they are large enough to get through most stays.  We will show you how to check levels during your stay to eliminate problems. We recommend that you use facilities for showers and restrooms when possible to eliviate stress on the tanks.  

How do we schedule our delivery?

We will contact you once we have received payment to set up your delivery and pickup. 

How do we get more fresh water? There are a handful of companies that drive around burning man offering water service. Flag them down or schedule an appointment to have your trailer serviced. 

How much propane/gasoline do I need? You should have enough propane for your stay at burning man. For gasoline, the rule of thumb is you go through one gallon of fuel per hour that you run your generator. Stock up on your accessory order. 

Do your bikes include locks lights etc.

Your bike rental does not include lights, we leave that creativity to you.

Can you shop for us? 


Unfortunately we can not shop for you.  But you can have stuff shipped to us to be put in your trailer from places like amazon Walmart or from your home.


Can you help with extra drinking water?


Yes we can provide extra drinking water to be supplied in the trailer prior to delivery for we just would need to know 2 months in advance and you will be charged per gallon and added to the contract.


Can you take us with the trailer into the even?


No I’m sorry we cannot. Your trailer will most likely be on the playa before you arrive to reno. 


Can you meet us at a store so we can stock the trailer before delivery?


No I’m sorry we can not your trailer will most likely be on the playa before you arrive to reno. 

Will you take our trash?


You are able to leave 3 trash bags.

Any trash left other than that will be charged against your security deposit at $20 a bag